Photo © by and courtesy of Toshiyuki Ueda
SFBAM Magazine Review
Dan & The Hot Licks sell out Yoshi's, Oakland, CA Feb. 18 2015
Jay Blakesburg's Photos of Dan's 70th Birthday Bash + Set List
Held at Davies Symphony Hall, San Francisco, April 6 2012
Examiner- April 7 2012
A Review of Dan's 70th Birthday Bash, by David Becker

Pacific Sun - April 6-12 2012 (pdf format)
Dan Turns 70, and He's Hotter Than Ever! ~ by Greg Cahill

San Francisco Chronicle - April 3 2012
"Fete for a King: Dan Hicks at 70"; Joel Selvin promos Dan's 70th Birthday Bash.

Oregon Music News - May 25 2011
Dan Hicks and the Recurring Timelessness of Retro Cool ~ by Tom D'Antoni
A+E Interactive - December 8 2009
A quick but smart review of "Holidaze in Hicksville" at Yoshi's in Oakland, CA
The Acorn - October 1 2009
Cary Ginell has interesting things to say about Dan & The Hot Licks' Sept. 24, 2009 performance at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, California.
ASCAP Portraits - August 2009
Dan is interviewed about "Tangled Tales"
Courtesy of National Public Radio - July 2009
Dan is interviewed by NPR's Liane Hansen.
Courtesy of WXPN/World Cafe - April 2009
Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks Perform live in Philadelphia.

Courtesy of MVYRadio
Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks Perform at the 2008 Rhythm & Roots Festival

San Francisco Examiner - July 18, 2008
In a promo piece for Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks' July 18 appearance in Denver, Colorado, Mr. G. Brown asks Dan questions and gets answers. "A more precipitudinous type of envelopment."

Daily Gazette - Schenectady, NY - June 20, 2008
Michael Hochanadel's well-done promo piece for Dan & The Hot Licks' June 22, 2008 appearance at the Linda Norris Auditorium of the WAMC Performing Arts Studio. Includes amusing interview excerpts. "Hicks has always taken the long view and made it work by sheer wit and time-defying hipness."
Green Apple Festival - April 20, 2008
JamBase presents Nick Boeka's overview of the '08 Green Apple Festival in San Francisco, including photos of Dan and the Hot Licks with special guest Michael Kang of the String Cheese Incident. "Hicks has an incredible sense of humor..."

Oxford American Magazine Issue 58, 2007
PDF file download of David Smay's brilliant article about Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks.
"You can make yourself nutty trying to define what Dan Hicks is."

Green Arrow Radio Dec 10 2007
Walt Gnedislow, host of a jazz-fusion program on WSUM, the University of Wisconsin-Madison student-run radio station, reviews Dan & the Hot Licks' Dec. 9 2007 "Holidaze in Hicksville" show at the High Noon Saloon in Madison. His review features audio links to two interviews he's done with Dan. "...a true treat, as a matter of fact, this one goes down as a classic."
Marin Magazine Jan 2008
Promo piece for the Christmas Jug Band, featuring Dan's answers to a list of questions about life in California's Marin County, and about life in general. Dan's favorite journey? "Going to the post office to check my mail."
The Exponent (Purdue University), Lafayette IN, Dec 07 2007
Promo piece for Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks' "Holidaze in Hicksville" show, Lafayette Brewing Co., Dec. 7 2007.
"Hot Licks is an ancient jazz term meaning 'inspired musical phrases,'" Hicks said. "One name I wrote down and rejected was 'The Rag-a-Muffins."
Courier & Journal, Lafayette IN, Dec 06 2007
Promo piece for Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks' "Holidaze in Hicksville" show, Lafayette Brewing Co., Dec. 7 2007.
"He is a major figure in American roots music," said Richard Fudge, president of Friends of Bob. "It's difficult to get a chance to see him. We've received ticket orders from all over Indiana and into Illinois and Ohio. People are psyched for this one."
Filter Magazine Nov 08 2007
Review of "I'm Not There: In Concert", Beacon Theater, New York City, Nov. 7 2007, by Jin Moon. Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks appeared on the bill with many musical stars.
"...they did a superb version of “Subterranean Homesick Blues...”
Pitchfork Media Nov 07 2007
Review of "I'm Not There: In Concert", Beacon Theater, New York City, Nov. 7 2007. Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks appeared on the bill with many musical stars. Lots of photos.
"...stupidly charming."
Marin Independent Journal Oct 19 2007
Promo piece for "Ascension of the Blues" at the 142 Throckmorton Theater in Mill Valley. Dan sang and provided narration.
"Dan Hicks sang and danced through a Cab Calloway Hi De Ho number..."
Contra Costa Times Oct 11 2007
Promo piece for Dan Hicks and Bayside Jazz at Anna's Jazz Island, Berkeley CA
"I'd like to record [Bayside Jazz] eventually," Hicks said. "I've never had an agent booking this project, and not too many people know that I do this. I'd love to take the band out of town. Whenever I have a chance to play with Bayside Jazz, I always dive into this really enthusiastically. It never seems like work."
Corvallis Gazette-Times Sept 06 2007
Jake TenPas interviews Dan by telephone two days prior to a DH&THL "Salute to the Folk Years" appearance.
"I liked the folk-based sound more than the rock-based sound." - Dan
FolkWorks April 14 2007
Review of Dan & The Hot Licks' "Salute to the Folk Years" show, McCabe's Guitar Shop, Santa Monica CA, by Rex Butters
"Hicks' tribute will inform those not familiar with the subject, and be a welcome reminder for period veterans.
Chico News & Reviews June 15 2006
Review of Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks' June 11 appearance at the Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. in Chico, CA
"...Hicks' masterful manipulations of nostalgia are more a form of psychedelic art than a simple evocation of a [nonexistent] simpler era."
Perfect Sound Forever Dec. 18 2005
"The Red Dog Saloon and The Amazing Charlatans - 40 Years Later" by Andrew Lau
An enjoyable history of the Charlatans' groundbreaking 1965 engagement in Virginia City, Nevada.
"The Charlatans weren't the first batch of musicians to take LSD, they just happened to be the band to do it at a point in history when it would have the biggest impact."
Associated Content Sept 20 2005
Review of "Selected Shorts" by El Bicho
"No one does it like Hicks and I doubt if anyone could."
The Independent UK August 05 2005
Review of "Selected Shorts" by Andy Gill
"...frothy joie de vivre and facetious lyrical drollerie..."
WFMU Radio February 28 2005
There's great music and informal chat aplenty when Dan and the Hot Licks join host Irene Trudel in the New Jersey studios of WFMU. Dan's live segement begins at about 38:00 into the program.
WNYC Radio "Soundcheck" February 10 2005
Dan joins host John Schaefer in the studio for a chat about things musical. Dan's segment begins about 28:00 into the program.
WoodSongs Old Time Radio Hour February 07 2005
Hosted by folksinger Michael Johnathon, WoodSongs is the world's first multi-camera, weekly series broadcast on the Internet. The audio is carried on over 400 radio stations. The netcast and taping takes place at the Kentucky Theatre in Lexington, KY. Dan and The Hot Licks appeared with Amy Rigby. The above link will take you to WoodSongs' huge program archive of Grassroots, Folk, Americana, Blues, and Bluegrass performances.
Sacramento News & Review Dec. 09 2004
A kind of non-review of "Selected Shorts",by Jackson Griffith
"...I’m just a loner with a boner tonight.”
NPR Review of "Selected Shorts" November 11 2004
National Public Radio music critic Ashley Kahn reviews "Selected Shorts" in general, and the song "Hey Bartender" in particular. He notes Dan's "eccentric attention to detail", and calls "Shorts" "...easily of one his best recordings to date".
Blogcritics Magazine Oct 22 2004
Review of "Selected Shorts", by Zmethos.
"While on the surface Selected Shorts is a very simple sort of folksie album, when the listener really begins to think about it, he realizes there are a lot of strange things going on.”
Rolling Stone Magazine Sept 21 2004
Blurb for the release of "Selected Shorts", with quotes from Dan.
The Sacramento Bee July 25 2004
Blurb for DH&THL's July 31 2004 gig at the Palms, by the Bee's Jim Carnes.
"'It seemed to me that this folk-rock thing was the essence of my desire,' Hicks says in a recent telephone interview..."
Creative Loafing "Sharp Dressed Man" May 20 2004
Nice short piece by Atlanta's Todd A. Prusin, who talks with Dan about the Charlatans, dressing well, and other things.
The Independent UK July 28 2003
Entertaining review of Dan & The Hot Licks at Ceol Castle, Birmingham.
South Hams Radio, UK, July 23 2003
Rob Wheeler of South Hams Radio interviews Dan via mobile phone during Dan & the Hot Licks' UK tour. Also heard are Lickette Susan Rabin and UK Hixter Harry Fulcher. Click the link above for mp3 download. Many thanks to Harry for making this available.
The Independent UK July 20 2003
Story promoting Dan & The Hot Licks UK tour. Includes portions of an interview with Dan, in which he tries to scare us by saying, "I used to write every day too, very prolific. Now, I feel I've written enough, you know what I mean?".

Seacoast Online (Exeter News-Letter), October 15 2002
A plug for Dan & The Hot Licks' 10/17/02 show at the Ioka Theater in Exeter NH, this piece features a short telephone interview in which Dan contrasts his sound with that of REO Speedwagon.

NPR's "Fresh Air", January 10 2002
National Public Radio's resident pop music historian Ed Ward delivers a six-minute streaming audio history of Dan's career, featuring song snippets from "The Most of Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks".

Triviana, December 2001
Actually three short articles/interviews in one. Online magazine Triviana caught up with members of the classic Hot Licks shortly before Dan's 60th Birthday Bash.

PopMatters, September 06 2001
Featuring this interview with Dan in which we learn more about the Buzzard: "It don't matter how much grease is in the pan." Also a nice article by interviewer Mickey Stephens – Genius of Cool: Dan Hicks and the Post-Ego Trip.
Austin Chronicle, July 13 2001
"Fast Train to Hicksville", an article featuring Classic Lickette Maryann Price, who gives us some personal history along with her slant on working with Dan in the 1970s ("A boyfriend told me about a guy who was hard to get along with but needed backup singers...").
San Francisco Chronicle, May 2001
Scroll down past the review of techno-pop band 'Air' to read Joel Selvin's review of "The Most Of...", featuring a mention of the often-overlooked tune "Shorty Takes A Dive".
Creative Loafing, May 2001
This interview with Dan was published in Atlanta's Creative Loafing weekly, to promote the Hot Licks' appearance at the Music Midtown Festival.
Weekend Edition, May 06 2001
From National Public Radio. Includes a description of the art in Dan's bathroom, and barbecue grill cleaning tips.
WPKN Bridgeport CT, April 24 2001
Telephone interview with WPKN's Janine Bujalski. Dan does most of the work.
The BerkshireWeb , April 15 2001
Article by Seth Rogovoy. Includes portions of a telephone interview, in which Dan defines his idea of a good audience.
Puremusic, April 2001
An excellent in-depth interview with Dan from Puremusic monthly music webzine.
Time Magazine's Ten Best CDs of 2000, January 2001
Jonathan Gregg, who writes music reviews for Time Magazine as "The Sampler", includes "Beatin' The Heat" on his Top 10 CDs list for the year 2000.
PopMatters, December 21 2000
From "...the magazine of global culture" comes this online review of "Beatin' The Heat", that fine CD by our favorite "high-minded maverick".
SF Weekly, December 21 2000
This article, published in SF Weekly just before the "Christmastime in Hicksville" show at the Great American Music Hall, also quotes Bay Area rock journalist and liner-note writer Alec Palao ("The Amazing Charlatans" and "Early Muses"): "There is no one else who is as unique as he is. There's no one else who sounds like Dan Hicks, who writes like him, who has that dry sense of humor, or has that manner onstage. He's really one of a kind." Lawrence Kay, the author of this article, also has a page about Dan on Slipcue E-Zine, a quirky and interesting music site.
MetroActive, November 2000
Metro is published in various areas of Northern California; this piece appeared in the Sonoma edition. Dan enjoys a plate of hamburger and onions as the interviewer picks up on his "slightly seedy, surfer boy good looks".
ASCAP Audio Portrait
Very nicely done.
Pithy words from Dan, with selections from "Beatin' The Heat" in the background.
San Francisco Chronicle, September 17 2000
Dan on the Hot Licks name:
"It had some other connotations, if you want to think about your tongue. I don't."
Nice review of "Beatin' The Heat" from an attractive online "cultural arts magazine" which covers folk and traditional music.
Barnes & Music
The popular online retailer offers this interview, in which Dan talks about his Bayside Jazz gigs: "Sometimes I'll do a night in one of the clubs around here with a combo and I'll just be the singer, doing jazz standards."
San Francisco Chronicle, August 29 2000
Joel Selvin gives the Chronicle's highest entertainment rating to "Beatin' The Heat".
Dan, Professor of Yodelology, October 05 1997
Dan tries to teach Leah Garchik of the San Francisco Chronicle how to yodel -- with mixed results.
San Francisco Chronicle, October 07 1996
Joel Selvin on the rise, demise, and resurrection of the Charlatans; the occasion being the world premiere of "The Life and Times of the Red Dog Saloon" at the 1996 Mill Valley Film Festival.