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Q: Where can I find lyrics, guitar tabs, chords, and/or sheet music for Dan's songs?
Dan is currently working on a songbook, but no publication date has been set. Meanwhile, long-time Hicks fan Steve Ramirez has a cool Dan-site which, among other treats, has chords for numerous songs. Check out Steve's excellent "FAQ" page, too. The lyrics for most of Dan's tunes can be found on the LP sleeves/CD booklets.

Q: So why did Dan break up the classic Hot Licks in 1973, when they were, indeed, very hot?
Dan gave this explanation to the Los Angeles Free Press in 1974:
"I didn't want to be a bandleader anymore. It was a load and a load I didn't want. I'm basically a loner... I like singing and stuff, but I didn't necessarily want to be a bandleader. The thing had turned into a collective sort of thing -- democracy, vote on this, do that; I conceived the thing, they wouldn't be there if it wasn't for me. My role as leader started diminishing, but it was my fault because I let it happen; I cared less as the thing went on."

Q: What kind of music does Dan like to listen to?
He has said that his music of choice is jazz, but he obviously has an ear all kinds of music. He loves the great standards, and sometimes takes time out to sing them with a swingin' little combo called Bayside Jazz, performing in smaller venues around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Q: Is Dan married?
Yes. Sorry, girls.
Q: Is this Dan Hicks the same Dan Hicks who's in the movie "Evil Dead"?
That's an actor named Danny Alvin Hicks, who uses the name "Dan Hicks" even though he's not supposed to.

Q: Is Dan short or tall? I can't tell from the music.
Dan is very tall.

Q: Who produces this website? Do you make money from it? Do you hang out with Dan?
Meet your hosts.
Q: Can you guys at danhicks.net pitch an idea to Dan for me?
Your idea would probably mean more to Dan if he heard it from you, personally.

Q: How do I contact Dan?

Dan Hicks
38 Miller Ave. #348
Mill Valley, CA 94941