Buteo Eis Erat Amicus

The Slick Buzzard Award is presented by www.danhicks.net to publicly recognize, through the use of computer magic, those who have performed outstanding service for the fans of Dan Hicks around the world.

Recipients of this Award not only have their names and good deeds enshrined here, they also receive a seemingly official framed certificate suitable for either hanging on their wall, or tossing into the "free" box at their next garage sale!



Steve is the originator of the Dan Hicks Internet Mailing List ("The Hixlist"), and hosted it from 1991 to 2000. Before the World Wide Web came to be, Steve trawled the wild world of Usenet online message boards, looking for those who would, one day, become known as "Hixters". The list grew from those who responded to his messages. The list lives on today, 200+ members strong, thanks to the effort and dedication Steve put into it for many years.


Rolis Chaler launched the first Dan Hicks website in 1994, in a collaborative effort with Steve Ramirez. It was through Chaler's site that Hicks fans were first able to easily track Dan's tour schedule, enabling them to make advance plans to attend Dan's shows. The website offered photos of Dan and his fellow players, some of them rare and previously unseen by many Dan-fans. Sound files of new tunes also made their way to the website for Hicks aficionados to enjoy. These included early versions of "Driftin'" and "Keep The Meter Running, Mack", and unreleased tunes such as "She's Right". Due to increasing business responsibilities, Chaler found it necessary to take down his venerable website -- the original World Wide Web home for all things Dan -- in the summer of 2002